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    Vic-en-Bigorre   Hautes-Pyrénées

Programme de l'Union européenne pour l'éducation, la formation
et la jeunesse 2014-2020

Un programme plus efficace pour l’emploi des jeunes
Un programme plus simple dans son utilisation, qui privilégie les projets de territoire
Un programme plus innovant qui met en avant la coopération entre acteurs éducatifs et économiques
Un programme plus ouvert sur le monde, en particulier vers les pays du voisinage européen.


Erasmus charter

The ERASMUS University Charter (EUC) provides the general framework for all the European cooperation activities, which a higher education institution may carry out within the ERASMUS programme.
Our institution has the ERASMUS charter since 2008
Language policy
Students which want to go abroad with the ERASMUS programme have intensive language courses during 10h before their mobility.
Diploma supplement
The ERASMUS mobility helps students to adapt their professional skills to the EU-labour market.
It’s also a way to improve a foreign language and they can discover and understand a new social and economic culture.

Erasmus charter

Our institution

Our institution is a vocational and higher education school which provide 4 main themes of studies: agriculture, forestry, wood trade, and environment management.
We welcome about 100 students in 3 training courses.
There is also on the school site a farm which products cereals and breed dairy cows and a forest.

How to do it ?

Training periods abroad for students with ERASMUS student mobility for placement
Using staff mobility for teaching and staff mobility for training to promote exchange of experience on pedagogical methods, and help building up cooperation
Hosting partners from an enterprise in our institution with staff mobility


Our students are aged 18 to 20, some older. They can graduate after 2 years with the HND (advances vocational qualification)
They take part in a two-year course where both technical subjects and academic subjects are taught.
You will find information and leaflets about our courses :
After the HND graduation, they also have opportunities for further training and qualifying in technical universities. Our school is a partner for 3 professional bachelor degrees.

  • Professional bachelor degree in   Quality and industrial processes in wood industries - trade of materials for the housing environment and traditional materials - walked national and international  (Mont de Marsan)
    French version

  • Professional bachelor degree in Management, Animations of the Mountain and pastoral Spaces
    French version

  • HND in forest and wood products :
    English version - Spanish version - French version

  • HND in nature management and protection :
    English version - Spanish version - French version

  • HND in farm management :
    English version - Spanish version - French version

  • International cooperation

    • International Cooperation - Why doing it ?
      To prepare young Europeans to work and communicate together
      To develop reciprocal cultural and professional knowledge
      To train staff and students to understand great international issues
      To promote cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises.
    • How we prepare our students for mobility ?
      Students have language courses and cultural preparation before leaving
      Students and staff members involved in Erasmus Programme are used to present their project to the school community and to local partners. It's a good way to promote these projects and Erasmus programme
    • Erasmus consortium
      Our institution is a member of the ERASMUS consortium Erasmip which is a group of 11 higher education institutions from the Midi-Pyrénées region.
      This consortium work to promote the quantitative and qualitative offer of Erasmus Placements.
      The Erasmus consortium coordinator is the ENFA (Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique) in Toulouse. General informations about our institution
      Vic en Bigorre is situated in the Midi-Pyrenees Region, in the South West of France, close to Tarbes, Lourdes and the various ski- resorts at a mere 2- hour drive from Toulouse and Biarritz. The region is popular with its cultural heritage, its way of life and its gastronomy.
      What an opportunity for our over 300 pupils and students to learn about the Environment, Agriculture and Forestry in a nice rural area!
      Vic en Bigorre is a welcoming city with sports facilities, corner shops, cafés and marketplace which buzzes with students' life. Anyone feels good there.